"Vikram Vaswani's latest book, PHP Programming Solutions, is a great resource for PHP developers looking for those quick hit solutions. It covers a wide range of topics (including working with remote hosts, local files, and working with the different types of variables) using a clear problem/solution approach with comments along the way to provide just a bit more detail. You won't find the usual introductory material here, though - the book's targeted at experienced developers that know what they're looking for.

Another great feature of the book is its use of PEAR modules where appropriate. Rather than rewriting things from scratch, they utilize the great components that the PEAR project already has to work with things like converting numbers to words, making histograms, finding and replacing content in files, and much more.

Combine the broad range of topics covered (and covered well) with the light, clean presentation Vikram chose and you have a great resource any PHP developer would do well to own."

-- Chris Cornutt,